About Yegna

What's Yegna? It's a new kind of entertainment brand for Ethiopia. It's a radio drama about 5 girls who share a love of music and start their own band called "Yegna." It's a radio talk show for everybody. Yegna is about new stories, fresh ideas, and great music, pure and simple.

The drama follows the 5 characters and the challenges they face, and shows how a network of friends can make you stronger. Each new episode of the drama features a new song from the band. As the drama unfolds, the band develops its own youthful sound, rooted in Ethiopian culture but with a modern twist.

Each episode of the drama is followed by a 30-minute magazine-style talk show - Yegna Sa'at. Like the drama, the talk show is youth-focused and explores the issues raised in the drama through features, interviews, music and interactive content from the audience. Yegna airs in Amharic and can be heard in Ethiopia on Sundays at 1pm and on Thursdays at 5pm on Sheger FM, Amhara AM, Bahir Dar FM, Dessie FM, Debre Birhan FM.

Get In Touch

Your comments are important to us. Please give us feedback on our programs, let us know about transmission issues, and ask questions about Yegna. Contact us on Facebook

If you are in Ethiopia and want to join the Yegna family, text "Yegna" to 8558 free.


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